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Welcome to 1Radio.FM
We showcase some of the newest indie bands, artists & DIY musicians from all over the world & many genres from rock, pop, punk, alternative, r&b, soul, rap, hip-hop, country, metal, folk, acoustic, techno, dub step, rock n roll, classical and many more categories.
help suport these artists by listening to there songs & visiting there websites, which can be found on 1RadioFM's Bands / Artists Page. Dont forget to tune into 1radio.FM regularly we have new songs & artists added daily, If your an original artists or in an original band send us your songs (visit our Submit Songs page for more info).
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Not in a Band? Not a Musician?. Want 25 Seconds of FAME? just record your own voice recording of your self or you and your friends plugging 1Radio.FM. eg. "I'm John Smith, from Melbourne, Australia & I Love Listening to 1Radio.fm" or something like that. Be crazy, be funny, mention your favourite 1Radio.Fm band or artist, say hi to your friends, say hi to your Mum. Just Make sure to mention 1Radio.FM. email your MP3 or Wav Audio file to 25SecondsOfFame@1radio.fm and we will give you your 25 Seconds of Fame.
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3. Ray Ramon
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